James + Kaye Anne

This couple met each other online via Instagram. Kaye is in UAE and James is in the US. But distance is no hindrance and love brought these two people together. Shot entirely in Project Zero Studios and Extension.


James&KayePre-36 copy James&KayePre-3 copy James&KayePre-4 James&KayePre-9 copy James&KayePre-11 copy James&KayePre-14 James&KayePre-15 copy James&KayePre-17 James&KayePre-18 James&KayePre-21 James&KayePre-22 James&KayePre-24 copy James&KayePre-26 James&KayePre-27 James&KayePre-29 copy James&KayePre-33 James&KayePre-34 copy