Conceptual Portrait

Project Zero Studios take our portrait photography seriously. We challenge ourselves to produce a unique and powerful image. We have keen eyes when it comes to details, but most especially, we make it fun.

Here are few of the conceptual images Project Zero Studios had created.

Ballerina-22A Ballerina5 Barbie Lee2 Barbie Lee18 Barbie Lee20 Barbie Lee21 LarongPinoyPaloSebo LarongPinoy1 Kimcopy Julie12 Julie9 Club Master23 Club Master17 Club Master16 Diwata4 OutPatient23wtag OutPatient17wtag NashaKimBea17 NashaKimBea5a Masquerade9 Masquerade8 Masquerade1 Imee5 heinzA Geisha10 Diwata10Prisoned-1 copy Prisoned-2 copy Prisoned-3 copy Yuko&Hikaru9 Yuko&Hikaru13 Yuko&Hikaru22