Mischa & Family


Mischa will turn 7 this month! And to start the countdown, we had her ice cream themed, pre-birthday shoot done in our studio together with her family! It was a fun afternoon shoot with them.

Mischa&Family-12 Mischa&Family-14 Mischa&Family-17 Mischa&Family-18 Mischa&Family-19 Mischa&Family-20 Mischa&Family-21 Mischa&Family-24 Mischa&Family-25 Mischa&Family-26 Mischa&Family-28 Mischa&Family-30 copy Mischa&Family-31 Mischa&Family-32 copy Mischa&Family-33 Mischa&Family-34 Mischa&Family-36 copy Mischa&Family-37 Mischa&Family-38 Mischa&Family-39 Mischa&Family-40 Mischa&Family-41 Mischa&Family-42 Mischa&Family-43 Mischa&Family-45 copy Mischa&Family-48 copy Mischa&Family-51 Mischa&Family-52 Mischa&Family-1 Mischa&Family-2 Mischa&Family-3 copy Mischa&Family-5 Mischa&Family-6 Mischa&Family-7 Mischa&Family-9 Mischa&Family-10