Tiv + Sam

COUPLE IN UNIFORM!. Yes, the bride is in the Navy and the groom is serving the ARMY. Project Zero Studios are very honored for serving these people who unselfishly serving the country.

Location: ConfidentialTiv&Sam-27 copy Tiv&Sam-2 Tiv&Sam-3 Tiv&Sam-7 copy Tiv&Sam-8 Tiv&Sam-10 Tiv&Sam-11 copy Tiv&Sam-22 copy Tiv&Sam-28 Tiv&Sam-38 copy Tiv&Sam-41 copy Tiv&Sam-44 Tiv&Sam-45 Tiv&Sam-60 Tiv&Sam-53 Tiv&Sam-56 Tiv&Sam-57 copy Tiv&Sam-62 Tiv&Sam-64