Vic Angelo + Raquel

Our first time to shoot in the famous Fernbrook Garden in Las Piñas/Bacoor. The location is very beautiful, no wonder the couple looks so in love with each other during the shoot.

The second session was done in Casablanca in Tagaytay City.


Vic&Raquel-5 Vic&Raquel-6 Vic&Raquel-7 Vic&Raquel-9 Vic&Raquel-10 Vic&Raquel-11 Vic&Raquel-12 Vic&Raquel-13 Vic&Raquel-14 copy Vic&Raquel-19 copy Vic&Raquel-23 Vic&Raquel-24 Vic&Raquel-26 Vic&Raquel-28 Vic&Raquel-29 Vic&Raquel-31 copy Vic&Raquel-64 Vic&Raquel-65 Vic&Raquel-67 Vic&Raquel-32 copy Vic&Raquel-34 copy Vic&Raquel-36 copy Vic&Raquel-38 Vic&Raquel-40 Vic&Raquel-41 Vic&Raquel-42 Vic&Raquel-43 Vic&Raquel-70 Vic&Raquel-68 copy Vic&Raquel-74 Vic&Raquel-77 Vic&Raquel-44 Vic&Raquel-45 copy Vic&Raquel-49 Vic&Raquel-50 Vic&Raquel-51 Vic&Raquel-52 Vic&Raquel-53 Vic&Raquel-54 Vic&Raquel-55 Vic&Raquel-56 Vic&Raquel-57 copy Vic&Raquel-59 Vic&Raquel-60 Vic&Raquel-61 Vic&Raquel-62 Vic&Raquel-63