Deo + Tracy: Tying the knot

It was one fine morning when we did the photo shoot of Deo & Tracy at Island Cove Resort in Kawit, Cavite. Everything flows smoothly except for the last layout.

The last concept is supposed to be underwater, using my DICAPAC, I’m confident to do it. After a series of test before submerging with the camera, it fails. The seam that gives access to the camera shutter give up and allowing the pool water to invade the privacy of my DSLR. Half submerged, I was able to quickly remove the camera and the battery from the casing.

After a while, I put back the battery and tested it but it’s broken. I almost cried.

When we got home, I put the camera in the rice box (Thank you Jell) thinking it will absorb all the moisture that penetrate the camera. When I wake up the next morning, I give the camera another chance. I brushed off the rice dust and slowly put the battery and to my surprised, IT’S WORKING!

Acknowledgement to my team for that day: JELL ROBANTE, VANN HALEN, DANIEL & TEAM and TYRENE ORAIS as our Make-up Artist.


Deo-Tracy_PreNup 057a Deo-Tracy_PreNup 031 Deo-Tracy_PreNup 011a Deo-Tracy_PreNup 059 Deo&TracyPre-2 Deo&TracyPre-5 Deo&TracyPre-3 copy Deo&TracyPre-12 copy Deo&TracyPre-15 copy Deo&TracyPre-17 Deo&TracyPre-19 copy Deo&TracyPre-21 copy Deo&TracyPre-22 Deo&TracyPre-25 copy Deo&TracyPre-30 Deo&TracyPre-32 Deo&TracyPre-33 Deo&TracyPre-40 Deo&TracyPre-41 Deo&TracyPre-42 Deo&TracyPre-43 Deo&TracyPre-47 copyo