Mike + Kisses + Cars Engagement Session

Car themed engagement session for Mike & Kisses are flowing smoothly until it rains, HARD! So we have to pack up and transferred to another location and do some indoor shoot to maximize our time. Good thing the weather cooperate this time.

Mike&Kisses-1 Mike&Kisses-3 Mike&Kisses-4 Mike&Kisses-14 Mike&Kisses-19 copy Mike&Kisses-9 Mike&Kisses-5 copy Mike&Kisses-22 Mike&Kisses-24 Mike&Kisses-30 Mike&Kisses-32 Mike&Kisses-33 Mike&Kisses-35 copy Mike&Kisses-39 copy Mike&Kisses-40 Mike&Kisses-43 copy Mike&Kisses-48 copy Mike&Kisses-48 Mike&Kisses-49 Mike&Kisses-54 Mike&Kisses-56